Shipping is included on all items, anywhere in the world. Most orders ship within a week and arrive within two. Returns and exchanges can be arranged for unworn merchandise. For an update on yours, contact the Sales Clerk at

Stickers and hand-made tie dyes ship from us. Other shirts, prints, mugs and hats are made to order and ship directly from the printer. Sales support and ethical causes.

Like anything, our shirts age. After many washes the cotton will soften and the print will fade. To prolong this, wash only when needed and:

No harsh vibes

Keep it cool

Do the twist

• Avoid bleach
• Seek gentle cycles
• Cold water
• Hang to dry
• Wash inside out
• Dance/sing
Sleeve (S/L)
46 cm
71 cm
42/91 cm
51 cm
74 cm
46/94 cm
56 cm
76 cm
50/100 cm
61 cm
79 cm
53/101 cm
66 cm
81 cm
57/108 cm